Obama Filling Town Hall With Actors

October 14, 2010

Apparently, President Obama is tired of getting tough questions at his town halls.  In order to help make the Obama town halls go more smoothly, the next Obama town hall will be filled with actors.

Instead of filling the town hall with actors, why not cardboard cut outs.  They could pipe the questions in or have Obama ask himself the questions.

Does anyone remember the President calling out Hillary Clinton for having questions planted in the audience?  As bad as that was, having the audience full of actors is even worse.

If the President doesn’t want to get tough questions, then he shouldn’t have town halls.  All politicians attempt to control the people who are in their town halls, often calling on pre-selected people.  However, having the audience filled with actors makes the town hall nothing more than a work of fiction.

America deserves better.


Chris Christie Wins Tea Party Staw Poll

October 11, 2010

In a Virginia Tea Party straw poll, Chris Christie beat out other conservative favorites including Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich.  Christie also topped Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Rick Santorum.

Gov. Christie won 14% of the votes followed by Sarah Palin 13.5%., Texas Rep. Ron Paul, 12.5%, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich winning 8.4%, and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint with 7.3%.

Governor Chris Christie has indicated that he has no plans to run for President in 2010.  However, with Gov. Christie winning this tea party straw poll and most likely many more in the future, Chris Christie just might find himself drafted.

Liberal Groups Blast Insurance Company Profits

February 14, 2010

I saw several news reports this week about obscene insurance company profits for 2009.  Even Fox News got in on the act of bashing companies and profits earlier this week.

There were even reports about insurance companies earning over 300% profits, which by definition isn’t possible.

As usual, the media and special interest groups got it wrong or at least are leaving out critical information.  A post on Conservative Patriot HQ about Insurance Company Profits gives some interesting details about the facts behind the claims.

The hysterical condemnation of companies that are so brazen as to earn a profit highlights a recent trend in America.  CEO, Profit, and Shareholder are increasingly being used as dirty words.  The enemies of capitalism are beginning to get desperate as Americans increasingly reject the progressive liberal statist agenda.

Never fall victim to the media’s attempt to provoke outrage.  Always seek the truth behind what you read in the media.

Obama Finally Makes Decison on Afghanistan Troop Levels

November 24, 2009

Today it leaked out that President Obama has finally decided to send more troops to Afghanistan after months of dithering on the subject.

Obama has decided to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan months after the request was made by his top commander in Afghanistan.

However, Obama is delaying the official announcement until he gets a chance to talk with leaders in congress to explain his decision.  There are several prominent Democrats in congress that are against sending more troops.

The president needs to decide if he is in this war to win it or not.  Our troops deserve more support than months of hand wringing over the political implication of sending more troops.  Let us hope that the president will enact the right strategies to allow our troops to defeat our enemies and return safely home.

Senate Delays Debate on Cap and Trade

November 19, 2009

Harry Reid is saying that he will delay debate on Cap and Trade until the spring.  This is good news for those against this massive back door tax on Americans.  Democrat Senators from red leaning states are worried as this will push cap and trade bill debate too close to the 2010 elections.

Some are saying that this will kill the cap and trade bill until sometime in 2011 as vulnerable Senators would be unwilling to push two major pieces of unpopular legislation within 12 months of an election with the health care reform bill almost certainly coming up for debate this year or early next year.

It is disheartening to understand that our Senators would rather pass legislation as far away from an election as possible to avoid impacting their careers.  One would think that if they realize that people are against it, they wouldn’t vote for it.

Obama Pushes Debt to $12 Trillion

November 18, 2009

In another political first, the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled congress gave us a new record national debt of $12 trillion.

It took our government less than 8 months to add over $1 trillion to the national debt.

Worse yet, the White House is reporting that the national debt could go to $14 trillion by the end of this fiscal year and over $24 trillion by 2019.

We need to demand an end to this reckless spending before America digs a hole that we can’t get out of.

Get Obamacare or go to Jail

September 25, 2009

Like I was sayin… do not pass go.  I saw this in several places.  Apparently the Senate version of Obamacare includes a provision which would send people to jail who refuse to purchase health insurance and refuse to pay a fine.

Say want you want to, but Obama’s plan will make sure that everybody gets health care since if you are in jail, you get free health care.

I wonder what will happen to the tax cheats in the administration and congress if they refuse to enroll and pay a fine?

I guess the 2012 campaign slogan will be Hope and Change or Jail Time.